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Stubbornness with good reason is good. Being rigid for good reason is good. As those are the reflection of being determined on what we believe it will be good for us if we carry on doing. The things that we like doing no matter what. The people that we like being with no matter what. The job that we love doing. Anything and everything there is passion in it, there is Love in it be stubborn about it. Be resentful not to leave it behind.

Resentfulness is plastic ball. How strong it is the results would be that strong. It does hurt. It does lead you losing opportunities in career, in your relationships, in everything you do. It is an indecisive act. There is a saying: Making a decision is better than not making it at all.


You are the only person who knows you better. Be decisive. Be stubborn on the things, people, yourself. If you are giving up an addiction, be precise. Never go back and redo it. Just give up. You already know the benefits of giving up. So why keep doing it?


Review your relationship with yourself. Which part you don’t like? Which part needs attention? Be honest to yourself. No need to resent if the changes may bring more positivity in life. Be stubborn in driving the changes  in life. Make the stubbornness shape you, shape your life. Make it positive in life. Strive to be happy & Peaceful in our Stubbornness.