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Hello Beautiful Hearts !


Love and vulnerability to love has always been a popular topic to talk about. The understanding of Love  by so many is just based on relationship of two people. In fact it is all about the relationship between You and You. Your life reflects how much importance you give to loving yourself.


If you are doing those, you are not loving yourself enough :

. talking about Love but in fact you do not honour yourself enough

. having fears of not being loved

. having fears of not being wanted

. loving only certain people, certain countries, certain habits

. criticising  _ a lot of criticism is self reflective, in other words, you haven’t acknowledge yourself in full

. withdrawing yourself from the crowd

. not so adaptable


Feeling fear  doing it anyway, in a sensible way, is positive. If you have fear of separation, you may think it is not worth to fall in love again. In that case you miss the opportunities which can easily lead you true happiness. Finding ways loving yourself, begins with understanding yourself truly. Accepting yourself truly. Not being ashamed of your negative sides. Not being afraid of not being loved because of your habits, you words, your life style.


Give yourself a chance to come out of your shell to see the sunshine. Think about it, what if people don’t like you as the way you are, do you give on yourself? Do you think it is worth it? Your fear based relationships never last long. It can only cause more fear to you.


Cut the cords to fear. Look at the mirror.

Check every single part of your body.

If there is something you don’t like, think about why you don’t like.

Is it worth to make an effort to change it if only possible?

If yes, are you able to cope with the process, if no, tick it out and move on.


Than move on to your emotions and your behaviour.

Is there anything you want to change?

Why do you want to change?

Is it worth to change it?

If yes for positive reasons, are you willing to take action?

When do you plan to take action?

Make your plans.


Step by step, by taking baby steps, you can  learn love yourself. Start TODAY!