Nur Ray is an Emotional Freedom Coach , FE teacher, Reiki Master, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, Meditation teacher, Writer, carer and grandmother. Nur graduated from Gazi University, Foreign Languages as a Primary School teacher. She worked as an Interpreter for the government and for the private companies.

In the UK, Nur worked as a Apprentice Recruitment Officer. She recruited apprentices for the engineering companies at Engineering Employers Federation and she was involved in publishing the annual Apprenticeship Magazine.

Nur regained her teaching qualification in the UK and became a FE teacher. She taught English to English people along side assessing their NVQ Qualifications for 5 years in the UK. She also taught Turkish at Brasshouse Language  Centre from Entry to GSCE level for 17 years. She received grade 2 several times from observations carried out by Offsted and Managers.

She administered Distance learning project at City College, Birmingham for 5 years which involved 1800 learners per years, 10 assessors and 2 internal verifiers. The project helped so many learners to a gain qualifications in their field, but also brought great finance to the college.

Nur is the writer of  “Live From Heart “ which has been on sale on Amazon since 2014. She writes blogs which are informative as well as inspirational.

Nur helped so many individuals in order to assist them to overcome their emotional issues on a voluntary basis.

Nur is currently offering her service as an Emotional Freedom Coach.  Her passion is to assist individuals  to make changes in their life in a positive way. She explains  Emotional Freedom as a treatment which can turn the assumptions that whatever is going on in your life right now, with the right attitude and perspective, into something very good. Maybe even, one of the best things that ever happened to you.

Also she is the author of on-line “Empower Your Awareness Series " which are available for purchase on her website.

Nur recently completed Matrix Reimprinting Course with Karl Dawson in August 2019. She will be offering Matrix Reimprinting treatments soon.

She loves working with crystals which have existed on earth for millions of years and she uses them as a tool which work with your energy field to absorb, focus and direct energies.

Nur enjoys playing chess and she is an expert in Backgammon. Nur loves travelling and she enjoys visiting historical places. She is also created AllforLove designs from use & unused & old and new needle lace embroidery _ (is considered to be the favourite of the wealthy aristocratic city dwellers and the most sought after and collectible), crochet embroidery, shuttle embroidery or tatting, fork embroidery.

Nur Ray