Live From Heart

“Live from Heart” is written to explain the importance of being happy and its impact on our health and well-being. To reinforce an emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually healthy life is our duty. Everything begins with self-love. To love ourselves is the key to empowerment. However to learn what self-love is there is a process that we need to go through as we first need to learn to manage our mind. Also, we need to understand that we are like a flower and we need to go through a period of growth before we blossom beautifully.
In pursuit of our passion, we can easily take the stairway of inner happiness. The happiness we find in doing this, will help us to connect with our heart. It stresses the point of how creative we are and it opens the doors for us to see the world from a different perspective. It gives us inner strength; it enhances our understanding about life, our connection with God, spirit, angels and our self.

Bringing awareness to our thought process and living in the moment of now will not only help to change our thought patterns, but it will also change us from within. Once we become free of the thoughts that only show the obstacles in life rather that showing the options to overcome, the negativity in our life will be dismissed. In a way we will cut the rope from the past to move into something we really enjoy living in. We will blossom. We become more aware of our inner strength. Feeling strong in what we can achieve in life may bring more awareness about our self. It is forgiveness that we give our self as a present to be happy and to love more.

This will have an impact on our health. We will have a better understanding of what a healthy life means, and as we now know, knowing makes us stronger.
Reconnecting with the heart that we have neglected will brighten our life. We will start shining and we will attract more love, happiness, and abundance in life. Our health will improve and we will find happiness within our self. Being connected with heart will allow the authentic nature to shine.