PEACE that makes all the difference is ability to LOVE yourself!
In 2018 will be full of opportunities for everybody. One particular Opportunity that is very available for exhilaration for growth to all humanity, it has to do with how you hold your awareness the love within the heart you towards yourself.
Pay attention to NOW!
Alignment with ONENESS is important. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically
The little things you give appreciation to be going to be aligned of the wellbeing of the earth and the earth.
May you find appreciation for your actions, for your thoughts and holding your emotions in recognising them.
May your transition is smooth and happy
Many Blessings

Hello All!
I am Metatron. I came here today to remind you about your biggest responsibility which is the most important thing in your life,
Loving Yourself.

This present moment of time will never come back. It cannot be retrieved. Even though it is stored in memory, no amendments can be made to it.

Make this memory worth to remember. Make this memory Loveable. Make this memory so authentic and so important for you so when you look back you will still see positivity, laugher, joy and Love in it.
Some has still not reached that level of understanding of the importance of Love is. I am urging you to eliminate all your fears, all negativity about yourself and leave them behind like an old, dirty rug which you would never use it for yourself never again.

When you all see the truth, and the only truth, is Love, and nothing else, you will see the world will start changing. You will see many blossomed flowers, you will hear no wind but feel nice breeze that touching your heart gently.

You will have all the rainbow colours in life. As you are the light, darkness will bow before you. The moon will sing, the stars will dance with you. Happiness will be in all hearts and Love will be the only connection.

You are the child of the Universe. If you understand that you are the creation of the creator and creator of the creation, you will become gentler; you will be become more creative, you will know that you can repaint your own world.

This phase of your life is very important. Be the owner of your Life.Take a deep breath and start today your own new Life creation.
Today is your 1st Day of your life. Use it wisely